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If you spend much time on the road in our area, you have probably seen the undeniably prominent logo for Made In the Shade® Blinds & More! with its catchy gold and purple colors on a very modern NV3500 van by Nissan. And yes, it is always that clean! Matt and Kelli Houston love their business because of the people they serve. They serve homeowners who want more but don’t usually know the myriad of choices when it comes to window coverings and flooring. Their love for serving others started in the restaurant business many years ago.

Matt Houston grew up in Seguin with 6 siblings. He learned about real “work” early in life. After graduating from high school he joined the US Navy and served for just over 2 years. When he came home he worked in the restaurant business for 13 years. While working as a manager for a local Texas franchise he met Kelli. Kelli had relocated from College Station with the same franchise. The rest as they say is history. Knowing they wanted to start a family they both loved service but wanted to find a way to be with family more than a grueling schedule the restaurant business provides.

Then it happened, one night while watching and episode of the popular show, Undercover Boss, Budget Blinds was featured. Matt had always been very industrious and could hang a ceiling fan or repair a leaky faucet before most folks get out of bed! This was exciting to the two of them. They filled out an online request for more information. They had many calls and more franchise offers than they care to remember. Made in the Shade® was different. Not only was it a high quality opportunity, the people were more inviting to Matt and Kelli. Kelli, who also has background in design was happy to see the quality lines and appreciated that this group was never pushy. They were always ready to answer questions and with their relationship with Cathy Morse, the founder in San Antonio, growing it became the natural choice and an answer to prayers. There was a mutual respect for the couple and owners that has grown to an amazing trust and future.

They purchased the business in June 2012 and opened in August of 2012. They added Shaw flooring in October of 2013. They have been blessed by the growth of this business and the franchise in general. Both continue to study trends, colors and the craft regularly. In addition to their own franchise Matt is the national co-trainer for new franchise owners. He is a natural leader with a heart for service. Neither of them have forgotten where they came from with respect to serving others and working hard. This business has truly given them the opportunity to serve in their community.

Matt, Kelli and their team hope you will give them the opportunity to serve you with your window covering needs in the future and thank those who have trusted them in the past. Don’t forget to look for the van. You can’t miss the Made In the Shade® Blinds & More! Logo, featured prominently in the vehicle wrap. When you see it just think of “Shade-Zilla” as the boys fondly refer to company van. See you on the road!

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